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Accessibility Statement

We have endeavored to create a site that is usable by people regardless of ability or technology. To that end, we have incorporated several accessibility features to improve users' experience with the site. Users who encounter difficulty accessing any of the pages, documents, or other content of this site are encouraged to notify us so that we can provide them the material in an alternate format. Contact us.

Our Commitment meets accessibility requirements for State of Maine web pages
We have additionally tested this web site for compliance with both Section 508 and the Web Accessibility Initiative, and we continually strive to meet the requirements of both standards.

Accessibility Features

Text Resizing

Content on the site (excluding image content) is coded to allow the user to re-size it easily, without breaking design elements. Firefox 2 and Internet Explorer 7 users can increase text size by pressing CTRL+ (the "Ctrl" key and the "plus" key together). Doing so several times will allow those users with visual impairments to better see the text content. CTRL- ("Ctrl" key and the "minus" or "dash" key) allows the text to shrink, and CTRL 0 (Ctrl key and the "zero" key) will return to the default text size. Text resizing in Internet Explorer 6 is achieved in the menu by going to "View," then "Text Size," and then choosing a larger or smaller size.

Semantic Markup

Coding a web site using semantic markup helps to optimize the content for accessibility. Each content element is marked up with meaningful HTML tags so that it can easily be interpreted by a variety of devices (e.g., web browsers, including text-only browsers; screen readers; mobile devices; etc.).

Cascading Style Sheets

The use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) in the site design allows for the separation of the content of the site from its presentation. Such a design allows content to be accessed regardless of the device used. Though not supported by early generation browsers, CSS allows the designer to optimize the presentation for modern browsers, while allowing it to degrade gracefully in older browsers (e.g., NS 4, IE 4 Win, IE 5 Mac).

Skip Navigation

Each page of the Employment for ME site features a "Skip Navigation" link to allow users who are accessing the site through a screen reader and keyboard to quickly jump over the navigation list, straight to the main content of the page. The Skip Navigation link is hidden by default; however, by using the "Tab" key to cycle through all links on the site, users will encounter the Skip Navigation link at the beginning of the page. This is useful for those with screen readers who do not always want to hear the entire navigation list upon entry to each page.