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There are many traditional ways you can search for a job:

  • Read the Help Wanted section of your local newspaper;
  • Read special newspapers that just list job openings, such as My Job Wave (you can pick up print copies or read My Job Wave online);
  • Visit a company’s website online;
  • Visit a company to talk to someone there; or
  • Ask friends and families for job leads.

This web page shows you some excellent resources that you might not know about!  Did you know there are places in Maine where you can get FREE one-on-one help to create and send a resume?  Well, see below!

The Maine CareerCenter System

CareerCenters across Maine have staff available to help job seekers prepare for and find employment. CareerCenters have computers, printers, phones, fax machines, accessibility equipment and software available to you at no charge to assist you in your job search.

Each CareerCenter holds workshops on resume writing, interviewing techniques, job search, career exploration and other topics. To find a local CareerCenter near you use the dropdown menu below.

Find your local CareerCenter:

Maine's Job Bank

Maine's Job Bank is an online resource that allows you to search for all jobs that match your interests and experience. The Job Bank will send automated emails when employers post jobs that match your profile. You can register and post your resume at by clicking on the Maine's Job Bank icon.

The Bureau of Rehabilitation Services

The Bureau of Rehabilitation Services (BRS) provides vocational rehabilitation services to individuals who qualify and who need these services to access and obtain employment.

Department of Health and Human Services

Other Employment Resources

Networking: One way to find a job is by letting friends, family and others know that you are looking for work. Share what kind of work you are looking for and ask them to let you know if they hear or learn of job openings that might be a match for you.
Employment Websites
A list of websites where you can list your resume or search job openings and listings.

Job Fairs
Job fairs bring together a number of employers in one location. You can learn about current job openings, get more information about the business, and sometimes have the opportunity to fill out an application or have an initial interview right at the fair.

Labor Market Information
A website where you can find information about businesses and careers in Maine, including trends in employment by county or region and information on growth industries in Maine.