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Community Rehabilitation Providers (CRPs)

Community Rehabilitation Providers are agencies or individuals approved to provide employment support to individuals with disabilities served by the Bureau of Rehabilitation Services and /or the DHHS Office of Adult Mental Health Services.

Coming together with Rehabilitation Providers Project

In partnership with our Community Rehabilitation Providers, BRS is currently undertaking a project to maximize the skills and expertise of all counseling staff, increasing the number of successful closures and decreasing the wait for services. The availability, structure and quality of employment services in communities throughout the state have a direct impact on what BRS is able to offer individuals with disabilities as they pursue their vocational goals. The purpose of this project is to investigate and implement changes in Community Rehabilitation Provider (CRP) services to improve employment outcomes of BRS clients and ensure that there is a maximum return on the resources invested for that purpose. Visit the CRP Project page for more information.

Community Rehabilitation Provider Information:

Individuals or agencies interested in becoming an approved Community Employment Service Provider for the Bureau of Rehabilitation Services (BRS) and/or the DHHS Office of Adult Mental Health Services have the following options:
Individuals or agencies interested in providing community employment services for the DHHS Office of Adults with Cognitive and Physical Disabilities-Developmental Services must become an approved Maine Care Waiver Provider for Employment Services.

Developmental Services provides ongoing employment support to eligible individuals who are receiving Waiver Services under MaineCare. This service is defined as either Employment Specialist Services or Work Support Services.