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Employee Training Resources

Training employees is a great way to retain valuable employees while preparing them for industry changes and greater responsibilities within a business.

Below is a list of free or low-cost training resources:


The Maine Department of Labor's, SafetyWorks! Training offers a variety of no-cost trainings for individuals and businesses. Trainings can be done onsite at your request. Trainings include: Small Business Safety and Health, Forklift Operation, Building Construction, OSHA training, Safety Officer training, Video Display Terminal training and others.

More information:

Apprenticeship Program

Apprenticeships offer a way to support and train new employees. These programs can start in high school (pre-apprenticeship) or occur any time after an individual has finished school.


  • Provides a path for upward mobility. Future managers can be selected from the program's pool of highly skilled workers
  • Skills of a retiring workforce are preserved through on-the-job mentoring
  • Structured training of the program promotes quality and teamwork
  • Recruitment and retention of a highly qualified workforce and reduced turnover
  • Provides assessment of existing skills, identifies and improves the standards of the occupation, and ensures meeting the training standards of the occupation
  • Reduced training costs—receive an excellent return on your training investment (Source: Maine CareerCenter, Apprenticeship)

Adult Education

All Maine communities have access to a local or regional adult education program. Adult education programs are generally run in the local schools or community centers and focus on five main areas: High School Completion, Literacy, College Transitions, Business and Skills Training, and Personal Enrichment.

Classes are generally small (under 20 students) and free or low cost.

To find an adult education program in your area, visit Maine Adult Ed

Certificate Courses

Certificate courses are typically focused on core vocational skills. Though they may require up to a year of training, these classes may also qualify for college credit.

Areas where certificate courses can make a difference include human services, welding, photography, Certified Nursing Assistant, Personal Care Assistant, and medical transcription. More information is available through local universities and community colleges.

College or University Options

For information on degree programs offered through Maine's colleges and universities, and for financial assistance information: