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There are times when an individual will need adjustments to his or her job or workspace. Whether it is due to a sudden injury, an illness or a disability, many experience the need for adjustments or accommodations at some point in their careers. For example, it could be assistance with an online job application, the aid of an interpreter during an interview or a different chair to sit on during work hours.

This page highlights resources to help individuals decide if they need to disclose their condition, when they should disclose and how they should disclose.

JAN logo The Job Accommodation Network's (JAN)Searchable Online Accommodation Resource) is an excellent resource to help you learn about more accommodations to fit the needs of a person with a disability.

If an individual does not need accommodations, there is no reason to "disclose" or tell his/her employer about a disability or medical condition.

WHEN and HOW to disclose

When is the right time to disclose a medical condition or disability? And how should you do it? Check out:
  • Virginia's Disclosure Decisions to Get the Job: This guide provides a step-by-step worksheet that shows you the pros and cons of disclosing your information before and after you get a job. It also has examples of how to disclose your information.

More information

Most people are nervous to ask their employer for an accommodation. This is a normal feeling. Below are some helpful links that can better prepare you for this conversation. For more information on accommodations visit EmploymentforME's Accommodations page or visit the resources below.